Wednesday, June 30, 2010

On Where I'm At

Isn't it funny how rapidly life grows and things shine in to focus then out again? I haven't touched this blog since February and no need to either. Suddenly, within the last few weeks, I've felt an overwhelming urge to spill my soul onto these pages yet again. Quick remarks won't cut it these days and sometimes that's okay.

This blended post belongs to all things current. With my thoughts stretching out like a maze and the length of rope too short to lasso one concentrated thought I've decided to blurt about it all. Consider it a rewelcoming.

I don't know how long this urge to post long winded posts will be but I'll enjoy it while it lasts.

Currently I am digging;

NPR. Recently I made the 11hr trip up to New York to visit with family and shoot a wedding and because my car is an ancient 2005 my only music option is cds. I just didn't feel like listening to the same 6 cds over and over and over and over again so I opted for some NPR. It kept me wide awake which I have this horrible habit of falling nearly to sleep on the road. It's just so soothing and before I know it my eyelids are like concrete and my neck can no longer carry my head. It's pretty scary actually, to catch a Z and jump to consciousness realizing you've got a steering wheel in your hands. So NPR has filled the void by making my brain think about the interesting stories they talk about. Ever since then I've been hooked. Haven't listened to a cd since!

Hiking. I want to hike. I want to hike everywhere! I've done a lot lately and it leaves me hungry for more. I want one of those hiking sticks so I can put all sorts of medallions on it!

Outdoor Pools. It's been my summer mission to find an outdoor pool for me to use. No such luck yet but once I find one I'll be glued every Monday & Tuesday I am not hiking. Most likely those ucky humid days where hiking would be a disastrous nightmare.

Photography. I've been digging some awesome photography lately. Finding lots of inspiring photogs as well as growing my own skill set. It's killer.

Fresh Fruit. They are all sorts of yummy this season. I want it to last and last but I know it won't.

Summer Storms. They rock. We've been having a lot of evening storms pop up and they always make things interesting. They bring fresh air, amazing lightning shows, and base that'll knock your face!

New York. When I went up to NY this last trip I discovered more about the place than I did in the 15 or so years I lived there! The weather was so pleasant and perfect for exploration. I wish I knew of the awesomeness that is New York.

Just a few of the many things I am enjoying at this moment. May I see y'ins soon!

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