Monday, October 27, 2008

Things Found in Our Washer Door

-Dirty Sock
-2 Screws
-$2.50 in change
-Little Screwdriver gone missing 3 months ago
-Key to a Hotel we stayed at

Yeah, I don't know either....

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

I'm Officially Famous

One of my pictures has made it to a news story. How cool is that? Nevermind I've been selected along with 574365987432165 other people, it's still official! With a link to my site right below the pic!

You can find the story here. Scroll through the pictures until you find the one of Spikey that looks like this;

Cool, huh? :D

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Finally Fall

It started with the crispy crunch of leaves
beneath our feet
and followed with the cloud escaping our cold mouths.

We came to see nature's best.
The painting in the sky.

We made our way through leaves and giggles
to the sight of ultimate peace

And with that view only the beating of our hearts
and the screaming of the birds
could be heard this side of the mountain and back.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

My New Job

Consists of standing around and listening to employees bitch about the boss. All the time.

Yes. I am applying to other places. Lots and lots of other places.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Memory Lane for just a Second


I'd like to take this opportunity to look back at a time in my life and reflect on some the of memories that come to mind. In this blurb I'll visit my short life in Fredericksburg, Virginia back in 2002ish. Many of my memories are a blur as it was during a time that tested my will the most since my 23 years on Earth. For one I will never ever live in that state again. In general, life was sucking blood straight out of me in this unlucky state and the general population didn't help either.

Picture a child of mere 18 years old with a strong pride in her yankeedom suddenly shipped off to the middle of confederate America. Yes, it was interesting.

First of all, knock on wood, the only car accidents I've ever been involved in happened in this state and within one month of eachother. The first one is an interesting story; I did not own a car and a friend from New York was coming down to visit me so I needed to borrow a vehicle to pick him up at the mall. Let me let you in on a little secret, Virginia drivers are the worst ones imagineable. Try to picture a three year old in one of those red and yellow foot cars and then imagine them as grown ups and tansplanted to Virginia and you'll fully understand their skill level. This is the only state I've witnessed where it's common practice to swerve onto the shoulder to avoid hitting someone's rearend because they were following too close, just like everyone else behind them. I think my stepdad learned to drive in Virginia.

Anyway, my gracious stepfather decided I could borrow his champagne colored car to pick up my friend but I'd have to ride with him to a stop where someone else would pick him up. Sure, no problem it's the least I could do. We made it there without much excitement and I was preparing myself for the fun night ahead. I pull out of the parking lot and travel under a traffice light while merging to the left lane passing a student driver and getting ready to make my left into the mall where my friend was waiting.

Suddenly I hear this horrific crunch of metal and feel myself lose control of the car. No amount of force could move the steering wheel and I was headed straight for a cement median. I could feel time slow as I leaned my body to the right in hopes of leading the car away from impending doom to no avail. I hit the wall and I hit it hard. I was wearing a seatbelt so I didn't hit anything thankfully, however I did get bruises from the belt. After realizing I was stopped, and realized I hadn't hit any moving cars after crossing three lanes of traffic I looked up to assess the damage.

Out my windsheild I saw the car that hit me. It was a white four door sedan full of people and it was facing the opposite direction of traffic. It also had a Student Driver sign on top in bright yellow. Are you freaking kidding me? I couldn't help but laugh and then scream, probably at the same time. I got out and asked the driver how they could miss my car? Afterall they hit my right back quartpanel while trying to merge which means the driver had to be looking behind him to miss view of me. I never got a response.

Hours later, the cop finally got the information situation, the cars were taken away, and all the onlookers who could laugh had left the scene and I was dismissed to carry on with life. Luckily, I was in front of the mall when he hit me so I got to walka short distance to greet my friend with all parts in working order. Another wonderful thing about Virginia? They are a no fault state which means even if the guy was obviously driving blindfolded and smacked the shit out of my vehicle it;s not his fault and I get the insurance hit.

This memory still sticks out as well as a few others. This time period feels like another life besides my own and some weird things happened that I'll never forget. It was the transformation of a sheltered life to the wandering nomad I am today. It was the beginning of my awakening and you'll be sure to hear more about it as there's plenty more to disclose. Keep your eyes peeled!

Friday, October 10, 2008

One of Our Favorite Songs

I think we love it so much because it reminds us to take it easy, to enjoy the tropical side of life, and seek beauty in everything everyday. Our hearts belong to the ocean and one day we will be there together holding hands with toes deep in the sand.

I Know I'm Crazy...

I am a woman with rampant hormones and these weird things called feelings. Sometimes these gross boogers take control of rational, logical thought (who am I kidding? MOST times). Well knowing this information I try to forewarn any unfortunate soulmate of my misgivings. In an effort to continue the education of my current soulmate I shall list a few "quirks" below;

1. Don't leave the closet door open when I am sleeping in there. There ARE in fact
monsters and they live in the black hole that is the closet.

2. Please, please, please keep the bedroom door shut when we lay down to sleep.
Monsters play in the house at night and if the door is open we won't know they're
coming. If we keep it shut we will at least hear the doorknob click before they come
to chomp our feet.

3. If we are sleeping in the same bed and we happen to face eachother
please do not breathe on me. I feel like you are taking my precious air and
therefore suffocating me. If you do this while I'm sleeping I just might grab
a pillow and put it on your face thereby suffocating you.

That is all for now, I will update when I think of more.

Shiny Things


Thursday, October 9, 2008

His Voice

It's adorable in it's nasally annunciations. It tells me the sweetest things and bursts with the wildest ideas. It's quick to laugh and easy to infect. It leads to the most kissable mouth ever to walk this beautiful planet. Always on the move and ready with a quick joke this voice cheers the grinchiest grinch. This voice can soothe the biggest sadness to the tiniest booboo. This voice speaks words that are sincere and kind with nary a note of force. This voice is larger than life.

It's my favorite kind of voice.

Obama Beating Old White Guy

November 4th!

Trick or Treat?

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

We Are An Odd Bunch

Today Justin finally got a day off and we spent it renewing the living room look. We said goodbye to the in-the-way projector that we could only really watch at night and hello to the modest hdtv. We brought up our vintage treasure trunk and let light shine in the huge three floor to ceiling windows. All in all we let the old dust out and brought in better and brighter belongings.

I managed to take down the hideous curtains in the bedroom that only reminded me of bitter 40 year olds with no taste and cleaned the beach themed sheets Justin got for me while living in the apartments.

It seems slowly but surely we are saying goodbye to our imperfect pasts and a very cheer felt good day to our future.

Afterwards we tried to type our names with our toes. There is just too much talent seeping from our pores.

Tomorrow Justin gets his little boy and we will officially meet for the first time since becoming a little more than a friend. It should be interesting and surprisingly I'm pretty excited about it. We are going to pick out pumpkins and carve fun faces. This will be Justin's (his son) first pumpkin.

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays of all time. I do hope to get many pictures!

My Next Haircut (Hopefully)

I've admired this cute cut since it came out almost a year ago. The color and style are amazing and I think it would look stellar on me. I am also pleased to know the model, Britney Spears, is doing a lot better today than at the time these pictures were taken. I grew up with her and would hate to see such a talented starlot throw her family away.

Monday, October 6, 2008

I Don't Mean to be So Sad


This is just too sad for words.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

An American Tale

In the pouring rain Obama gave his speech for the betterment of America and just a few days previous his opponent had to "cancel" the debate to with the economic issues at hand.

Need I say more?

Watch his speech here.

What do I love more than chocolate chip cookies?

Chocolate Chip Cookie Cake!

Though I'm pretty sure one would go into diabetic shock after one teenie tiny slice.

Tippy Toe Kisses and Leg Warmers

Do want.

Friday, October 3, 2008

The Scary Facts

Sorry to be so political lately but the ignorance of the general population scares me half to death!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Babies and the Political Opinions of Canines

Caesar, my beloved, has made his vote and taken a bite out of crime! Notice the sign on the back says "301 years old in Dog Years" In the dog toy realm you don't choose the one you like, you chew the one less worthy!

Update on the Parrot Fish, the baby is getting along swimmingly with the others! I think they've sort of taken it in as their adopted love child. Anyway, I'm pleased because all previous attempts to acclimate fish (of different species) ended up as a snack for the two beasts in pink.

Well ta-ta for now. Watch the debate tonight!! 9pm any channel!