Tuesday, October 7, 2008

We Are An Odd Bunch

Today Justin finally got a day off and we spent it renewing the living room look. We said goodbye to the in-the-way projector that we could only really watch at night and hello to the modest hdtv. We brought up our vintage treasure trunk and let light shine in the huge three floor to ceiling windows. All in all we let the old dust out and brought in better and brighter belongings.

I managed to take down the hideous curtains in the bedroom that only reminded me of bitter 40 year olds with no taste and cleaned the beach themed sheets Justin got for me while living in the apartments.

It seems slowly but surely we are saying goodbye to our imperfect pasts and a very cheer felt good day to our future.

Afterwards we tried to type our names with our toes. There is just too much talent seeping from our pores.

Tomorrow Justin gets his little boy and we will officially meet for the first time since becoming a little more than a friend. It should be interesting and surprisingly I'm pretty excited about it. We are going to pick out pumpkins and carve fun faces. This will be Justin's (his son) first pumpkin.

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays of all time. I do hope to get many pictures!

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