Saturday, November 21, 2009

The Holidays Begin!

Hi there!

I can barely sit still I am so excited. Last year I had plans to go to NY for Christmas but had to cancel last minute due to lots of financial issues and just plain HELL that broke all around us but now, NOW I get to go for Thanksgiving!! And it's not just me that's going! No it's two aunts, 4 cousins, one cute baby, my grandmother, their respective SO's, and dogs! There are going to be 18 people crashing in two different houses. It will be madness but it will be family madness!

I get to see my brother and sister! My father and his girlfriend. My cousin with the cutest 2 yr olf EVEVEVEVEVEVEVEVER! The Lover gets to see where I grew up! I get to see New Moon with the sis (haha shhhhhhh I know, I know). I'm catching up with old friends when I get there too! It is going to be a most excellent time and I won't get a wink of sleep between now and Tuesday since the excitement has really just hit!

I have so much to do before then. Lots of packing, wrapping, preparing, cleaning, etc. etc.

What are your plans for Thanksgiving???

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Vern said...

I hope you have a most excellent time everererererer!!!!!!!!!!!