Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Holiday Wrap Up

You know how awesome it is to get away from the dang computer for a little while? REALLY AWESOME! Except I came back to no less than 500 blog posts to read. I am now down to 201 and it's only Tuesday, ha!

It was fun having a big family shindig for Thanksgiving. The Lover and I made our 11 hour trip up the day before everyone else. It was nice to enjoy the calm before the storm. The next day all the family came all at once. We honestly had three van loads of people pull into the driveway AT ONCE. So there was lots of hugging, helloing, chaos, dogs running every which way, and etc happening at the same time. My sister and I got a moment to look at each other and the very same thought hit our brains "I'll be outside parking cars...for the season..." It was a very Crhistmas Vacation-y moment but we loved it. With four dogs, two itty bitty kids, 5 big kids, three even bigger kids, and lots of adults the place was bustling. I don't remember seeing The Lover except when we went to bed at night.

It was super great to have everyone together. We had 36lbs. of turkey ready for eating along with every fixing imaginable. One turkey was deep fried and it was incredibly juicy on the inside. Definitely a favorite. We also had so much desert and hors d'eurves. Or however you spell it!

That is a cheeseball snowman and a turkey cake! I drew the turkey and sis made the cake/helped decorate. It was awesome!

More later....

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