Tuesday, December 8, 2009


This is funny. I just read a blog post on procrastination and now I am doing it myself. I have a list of things I could be doing instead of writing a blog post but I'm not. Oh the rebel in me continues!

Let me finish my NY story real quick then I'll get to the more recent stuff. So Thanksgiving was a bunch of fun especially since I didn't cook. I just ate! I'm good at that you see. Then I helped clean after dinner. It's sort of an unspoken agreement in MY household with The Lover that if he cooks I will clean but if I cook I will clean. aha. Anyway, I was fulfilling my duties when a whole bunch of my female family members all decided to pitch in. As we were cleaning away we began to sing Christmas Carols. It was an almost magical moment until my grandmother started in. haha Just kidding! But no really, it was great and I think we even had great harmony! It definitely brought out some of that hidden Christmas spirit.

Then on Friday everyone kind of hung out. We played Guitar Hero band. I think I like this one better because the drums has symbols. Anyways, EVERYONE pitched in on the singing, guitars, drums, all of it! It was fun even if we did fail every single song. That is until the hardcore players got on there. HA !

On Saturday everyone left. What poops! My sister and I went to see New Moon. I am team Jacob now, he is just so freaking hot. I also think the movie is missing a key point that is pushing everyone to Jacob. In the books you got a sense that this was fate, Edward and Bella, as if there was nothing else, it just was so it was going to just be. In the movies it seems to be portrayed as some freaking high schooler not knowing enough about life to stay free of obsession with boys. Oh well.

Sunday we were supposed to go home but we didn't. We stayed another day and made it to the Niagara Falls. Since none of us had passports except the bro we had to stay on the American side but it was still nice. Cold though, veeeeeeeeery cold. After that we saw the bro's apartment in Buffalo while he attends UB and that's it. THE END.

Since we've been back here I've been super busy. No complaints! The Lover went home that weekend we got back and came home with lots of new toys! Christmas came early for him and I'm so excited he's getting what he deserves because life has been unfairly hard on him. One of the gifts were TWO brand new mattresses! One for us and one for the guest bed which was previously a slat of cardboard....haha sorry guests! Our mattress is so squishily soft! It's like a little cocoon and I love it so! The Lover also got a new dslr camera and a huuuuuuuuuuuge iMac! I'm so jealous because it's so beautiful! He needed a new computer as his laptop was giving him the blue screen of death literally every week. He was over it!

Next we decided it was time to get a tree! Because we have 20ft or so ceilings we wanted to go big. We don't know if we'll have that opportunity ever again! So we stopped at this pre-cut lot that gets their trees from a local mountain. The price was right on a 12' tree we just needed a new heavy duty stand! This tree is 250lbs!!! So we went to another lot to see what their prices were like and if they had any tips for standing this monster! Not only were they MORE expensive but they told us the best way to get it to stand was to hook a strap into the wall and wrap it around the tree! WHAT On our way out they told us we wouldn't find it cheaper anywhere else. LOL

So we finally get this tree and I have to help lug this thing inside. Usually no problem but who knew a few extra feet would add 300 more pounds to the darn thing?? After lots of grunting and screaming we got it in and up! We waited a day to decorate so the bows could fall and also we needed to get more decorations. We used a ladder to decorate this darn thing and put on 1,000 lights. We went with a red and silver theme and I am so pleased with it! It's such a pretty, MASSIVE beast. The Lover put a train around it and we called it a night! It is definitely the biggest tree I've ever had, officially. It's insane!

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You could've had a bigger one, I betcha! LOL