Saturday, December 5, 2009

Best of 2009

I never follow the rules. It's a pretty bad trait of mine but whatever. If I can get away with it it's not ALL that bad is it?

Soooooooo a lot of my bloggy friends are doing a series of Best of 2009. Really the only one I think I can answer is best trip of 2009.

This was a hard one because we actually went to several different places so I had to make it an even tie. One was the trip to NY recently to see all my family for the holidays. It was a lot of fun to see everyone and reconnect. Life is so much more different when you're an adult, almost easier sometimes. aha what?

The other one would be our numerous trips to Charleston. I know, I know, will she just shut up about that city already?? Um, no. I can't and don't feel like even trying! I love that town and the memories we've already acquired are AWESOME.

I don't really have a Best of 2009 restaurant, book, going out night, or whatever. Nothing stands out as WOW! Know what I mean?

2009 isn't over yet but it's getting ever closer! I just decorated the loft today while it snowed outside and the Christmas music played. I'm very pleased with the outlook but I want to try and add more if I can! All we really need is a tree and maybe some festive dish towels or something for the kitchen. Ah, I love Christmas!

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Erin W said...

You're such a blog rebel!