Wednesday, December 9, 2009


I had thought I could do many little random snippits on this blog but it seems it's complicated. If I want to reblog what someone else wrote to include my own commentary, forget it. This is the place for long winded rants and raves and I love it so. It's my little bitty corner of the internet.

However, I think lots of random things that don't add up into a well thought out blog post so I needed a place for that. It originally started as a picture blog but then I started to follow lots of other tumblrs and it just happened. Today as a matter of fact. So I will use that spot for quick thoughts and this lovely area to spill my heart out.

If you have a tumblr follow me over here! Heck you don't even need a tumblr!

P.S. I so totally just had a photoshoot for my dog in front of my Christmas tree. Yes, yes I did. Pics soon!

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