Sunday, December 21, 2008

Spreading Cheer

This morning we woke up at super early 8:30 in the morning most likely because we went to bed super early the night before. Anyway, we had a fantastic time getting up together and sharing our morning rituals which due to work and other events we rarely get to do. We headed to Shoney's for the breakfast bar and enjoyed heaps of scrambled eggs, chopped potatoes, and Christmas cheer.

During breakfast Justin told me that his grandmother hadn't put up her Christmas tree yet because she couldn't get to it and refused to ask anyone for help. She had commented to his mother that she just didn't feel like the Christmas Spirit was with her this year and a little bit of cheer was missing in her household. So while gobbling heaps of good food we devised a plan.

After breakfast we headed to a store and gathered a tree stand and gigantic poinsettia, afterwards we picked up a cute little tree perfect for her packed living room. With the tree over his shoulder Justin rang the doorbell waiting to greet her with a jubilant Christmas call. She came to the door in pajamas with a phone to her ear and we could hear her telling Justin's mother we had tree in tow and she had to go.

We spent the day decorating the tree, eating homemade pot pie, and learning how to make peanut butter rolls. When we left we knew her Christmas just got a little brighter. She noted that this was the first real Christmas tree she's ever had and the smell was making her smile ear to ear. It felt great to give to someone else and see the impact it had. The reason for the season.

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