Thursday, October 22, 2009

Ah, Relief!

My workload is FREE! I just finished that ginormous 1600 editing picture project and now I'm free til Sunday! Woohoo! I wasn't really sure I would make this deadline and here is why;

1. 1600 pictures to go through and edit. 1600 pictures to individually run through, organize, fix up, and prettyize.

2. My birthday happened to fall last weekend and I accidentally celebrated for five straight days. Five straight days of not even thinking about the mass load of editing I had to do.

3. My birthday freedom started last Friday. My friend was coming into town so we cleaned up the place in the a.m. Afterward we drank. We went to this awesome pizza place and ordered too many double shot rum and cokes. We ate pizza.

We woke up at 10a.m. the next day, my actual birthday. We ate amazing iHop to recover and shopped for hair stuffs. We highlighted my hair with pink and she taught me how to curl my hair with curlers (I suck at being a girl). I painted my nails (now all chipped) and we drank while eating Taco Bell. Everyone passed out mid SNL.

Sunday we slept in then went SHOPPING. Something I haven't done in ages. Actual clothes shopping with an awesome chick and not the bf who would rather wait in the car! ha! even yet I didn't buy anything, oh but I have a list!

4. Monday it was just me and The Lover. He reserved a place in Gatlinburg so we left for a one night stay. We never stay just one night! We wandered around town, ate some Italian, bought a few items, and swam in the hotel's indoor pool. The next day we wandered around taking amazing pictures of the mountains in the fall. It was so gorgeous but it left us stuck in the woods and it was getting dark.

We stopped at Hot Springs, NC to check them out. Upon finding out it was THIRTY FREAKING DOLLARS for ONE hour in the hot tub supposedly filled with the water from the hot tub and FIFTY DOLLARS for this tiny cabin in the woods that didn't even have a toilet, I repeat, NO TOILET we were ready to just trek home. That is until we checked out this hotel in the "downtown" region. It turned out to be amazing! We got this old timey room WITH a bath room that included a jacuzzi! Seriously, this place was amazing and I'll post pictures soon! It also had a restaurant right below where we grabbed amazing dinner. It was well worth it!

We left Wednesday morning though I kept calling it Sunday, haah whoops. I actually opened up shop for a few hours and got some much needed work done. Today, I finished that massive project and feel great! Here's to 25, may it not be freaky. haha bye


Soph! said...

happy birthday! ( a little late)

Erin W said...

Happy belated birthday!!