Saturday, October 3, 2009


Last night The Lover and I decided to see Zombieland. I sort of love zombies. This is a new found love over the last few years. It comes with loving a man who loves horror films. I really don't like scary movies unless they have zombies in them because they're just so bad ass. I didn't know zombies weren't scary until I watched them with the last boyfriend who had a hankering for them.

Since this seemed like a past time that boys really liked and since I really like hanging out with the boy and doing what he enjoys I had to compromise. So zombies it is. Funny slow, moaning, stupid, hungry zombies. Shoot, I'll even take the freaky fast ones that can climb walls as long as they don't come from freaky messed up kids or ghosts or murderers.

Okay then. The Lover's brother likes zombies too, like I said it must be a guy thing, and had gone to a prescreening of Zombieland. He said it was the best zombie movie ever and funnier than Shaun of the Dead. I don't know if you've seen that movie but it's pretty funny, really funny! He set the bar.

So we went to see it with some friends except we went to a bar first and didn't leave until screening time so when we got there the only seats left were in the second row. It felt like an IMAX movie. Typically I'm not okay with sitting so close because I get dizzy really easily but it wasn't so bad this time. It was actually awesome.

As was the movie. Hilariously awesome amazement. The crowd clapped when the movie ended. I will go see that movie again before it leaves the theater for sure.

Afterward we all went to the local bar to hang for a minute. I freaked out because we had a wedding to shoot this afternoon so I left at midnight to get some sleep. The Lover stumbled in at 2:30am but I'm glad for it. He needs to get out and hang with the boys sometimes, you know?

So we shot a wedding today and it went so fabulously well. I love weddings. I love shooting weddings. I love editing photos for the first week, aha. It was great!

Now I'm sore and ready for bed! Tomorrow is a sleep in day! Whew!

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Anonymous said...


Woody Harrelson + zombies = greatest movie of all time.

He's so hot. Yummy!