Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The Tide Is Changing

I've not been getting much sleep as of late. When I lay down at a reasonable hour I find myself tossing and turning with thought til about 4 or 5am when I finally pass out from exhaustion. This is not so good for a ten hour a night girl. No kidding!

It's just, we have this hefty decision to make and though it's not what we were hoping for, it's for the best. I'm excited for the opportunity this will open later down the road but I'm also apprehensive. This means I have to go out and find something so hard to do right now, this also means notifying all those involved, a task that will not be easy by any means.

But The Lover and I have had long talks about it and I've spent many sleepless nights thinking about it. This is not a decision we came to lightly. I do believe this is the best and wisest one. I just hope all the pieces fall together just right and as my gut will tell me, it usually does, just right when you need it.

On to other things! Headshots today for the play Scrooge. I've already had two and they're already edited and ready to be shipped off! I have three more actually scheduled but I have a feeling this will get tossed up a bit.

My hair looks fabulous today! I need to find something that will hold the curl in a little longer. I've been leaving the curlers in 20 minutes and when I first take them out I look like Shirley freaking Temple but as the day progresses it falls more naturally. It almost seems like the curls leaves altogether!

The Lover's mother is in town and they are off on a photo trek because fall just isn't the same in Knoxville, or any further south than here. The colors are so seriously vibrant.

I am bummed about not being able to go to NC this weekend for a Halloween party with some old friends. Instead I have to market myself while The Lover goes to Knoxville to see family. I so hate these weekends!

We have a Progressive Dinner tomorrow with about 20 people. We are going loft hopping and nibbling on halloween themed appetizers and desserts. Tomorrow we have to get the desserts ready! Yikes!

Ok all for now kiddies.

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Vern said...

Rut have me a tad bit worried. Should I be?