Thursday, September 18, 2008

Almost a Year Later

The View Outside Our Front Door Today

So a year later and I finally decide to set time aside to devote to this, me. Since I've recently discovered that no one can be trusted I suppose I can throw my disgusting confessions to the infinite white that I'll refer to as the internet. Life for me has turned into a hopeless battle, but more on that later.

Today was joyfully spent with my amazing significant other (get used to it, you will hear that a lot) cleaning in and around the house but mainly battling the bees. For the past two months our schedule and paths in and out of the house have been decided by these ever aggressive bees. It started with your typical lawn mower experience and ended with a quick run and strip of clothes into the basement while doing the "bee dance". You know the one, where you shake every ligament in hopes of riding the painful buggers. Since then we have maintained exiting out the garage door and not the front and have allowed a particular part of the yard to grow jungle size.

We have had a few battles throughout this World War with a high water pressure washer as our weaponry. That seemed to work well in pissing off the bees and they left us alone for a short time. Reading up on the ever faithful Google we discovered several ingenious ways to kill the bee. From the sounds of it these guys are harder to kill than cockroaches! One of the recommended ways was gas, we went as far as tiki oil and may no one with a cigarette come within five feet of our front door. Another was boiling water which we tried to no avail. So with the pressure washer we could get soap into the entrance at a decent force and make an imprint on their well organized colony. All this for a three inch Queen destined to live a season, bummer.

I only wish I had enough forethought to capture my significant other hiding behind a tree with the pressure washer rounding the corner and aimed at the danger zone. It was a sight to behold behind the safety of the front door. We may not have killed them yet but we are one step closer to winning our yard back.

Just wait til winter sets in.

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