Tuesday, September 30, 2008

My Dog is a Panty Thief

I've known this for a little bit but momentarily forgot right before getting in the shower.

With fall upon us I've taken to keeping the windows open to save a little money and get some fresh air into this cave and it's been working wonderfully except right around sunset when the rays fall right on the front side of the house heating the room to gross. Being that I am in between jobs right now and spending a lot of time at home I've scheduled my shower during this bracket to cool off and clean up, essentially killing two birds with one stone.

This particular evening I stripped my clothes off and left the bathroom door open to allow cool air to circulate for when I got out of the shower. Typically the door is shut to trap the warm steam-like air in. My dog was alert barking right as I stepped in and noticed the exact moment he became quiet. Worried about what he was doing I stuck my head out of the shower and noticed an article of clothing missing from my pile.

Soaking wet I run out of the shower to retrieve the misbehaving mongrel and locate panties before they grow a hole. I didn't find the panties immediately because as soon as he heard the wet pitter patter and the growl of my words he relocated Ninja style to the dinning room.

I didn't even have to say a word as he slowly walked to his kennel for time out as I shut the door and it wasn't until after the shower that I resumed my successful hunt for the panties.

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