Thursday, September 25, 2008

One thing I probably Can't Do

So I had an interview today at an animal shelter as a kennel technician. That's all well and good as I have plenty of experience however when I got there I learned it's not the physicality of the job that's demanding, it's the emotional wear and tear that creates the six month turn around rate.

My interview pretty much entailed a lecture about euthanasia and how emotionally draining it is on everyone at the facility but my job would include sticking the two lethal needles into the helpless unadoptable pets. I could deal with this at a vet clinic where it is the most humane thing to do to a lifelong pet suffering in their last days. To have to do it to hundreds of dogs and cats a day because irresponsible owners decided it was too much to care for something they agreed to take into their home would become a nightmare. Not only would I be depressed I'd be angry at my fellow humans for their stupid decisions. It would eat away at me like acid until I became bitter about the world and secluded myself from any joy.

May I not be one of the chosen few they decide to hire for this part.

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