Sunday, November 2, 2008

Bull in a China Shop

Yesterday evening Justin and I were enjoying a quiet night in with no kids asking for candy, I guess they don't believe in trick or treating here. I've been here for 3 Halloweens and have had 1trick or treater the entire time.

Anyway, I did some things consistent with the kroyal and being a woman (ie crying, screaming, calling names, pushing buttons (Mandy you would know )) I am and had to apologize to Justin for it later. He simply said "It's ok, I'm fluent I kroyalnese, you are the bull in a china shop" A little confused I had to inquire just exactly what a bull in a China shop was.

This is his response;
"Well, it's like this. You are the bull in the China shop that tinks one glass, watches it jiggle, and giggles a little bit. However, this doesn't satisfy you so you tink it a little harder so it hits another glass and they both jiggle. You giggle in amusement but it still doesn't satisfy you. You then tink it so all the glass smashes on the floor in a devastating way. Only then do you go 'Oh I didn't mean to do that!'"

Meanwhile, I'm laughing my booty off during this explanation because YES I am exactly as he is describing. It probably all started when Mom and Dad decided to spawn another Royal and I thought it was a punching bag until I went too far countless times only to do it again.

Someone give this man a medal.

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