Thursday, November 13, 2008

To Be In a Dream

I can't help but feel the desire to rest in a hammock laid out by the ocean with dear friends while a guitar strums nearby to the beat of the waves. I can also picture myself in a bar that contains no walls but a ceiling for those unknown bursts of tropical rain. Surrounded by deep hues of reds, greens, yellows just hanging by the sandy beach. Sitting back while surfers carry their boards back to base to log the waves they captured that day and slather aloe on their newly burned noses.

Or maybe I'll be on a boat caressing the blue sea beneath us chasing after the dolphins jumping at the bow on our way to a secluded island hiding treasures of the deep. Upon arriving maybe I'll put on some snorkel gear and check out the moving rainbow beneath the water and the view of the sun trying hard to break through onto the ocean floor. I would possibly gather the strength to swim to shore to relax on a branch surrounded by sand and soak in the view while wondering how life is so sweet for the eyes.

How about instead I'll gather all my items, most importantly my latest book and mp3 player loaded with beachy tunes, and drag them to the shore to sip on a drink with a little umbrella.

At the end of it all maybe I could find a volcano that runs natural hot springs. Then I could wrap myself in a wonderfully plush robe and make my way to the poolside bar for a deliciously tropic drink to relax the days troubles. In the process I would search for the right hot spring tucked away in the dark with greenery as a curtain. I would most likely slowly sink into this natural hot tub and rest on the soft black sand near the miniature waterfall which could also act as a massager.

Yes, that would be the perfect way to end the day. Indeed that would be the perfect way to live a life.

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