Sunday, November 23, 2008

Our Latest Adventure

Today was a mission unbeknown to me at the beginning. I was simply told to pack my camera and a scarf. So I did both and we went on a hunt for some breakfast.

It was lunchtime at this point but I was really craving some hash browns so we made a stop at Huddle House.

Afterward, we stopped at the gas station to pack some munchies for the road. Guess what lover got?

Finally I was told we were on a mission to find snow! Ever since the cold weather crept in I've been talking nonstop about snow! Just recently the mountains nearby had a snowstorm so my boo figured this would be the perfect time to treat his princess to her dearest wish!

On our way through the mountain we didn't see much but a few icicles. We both decided to continue higher up into the mountain to this mall/ski slope/ice skating rink. Maybe then we will find just enough to make a snowball!

We pulled up and there was no snow in sight! Instead of feeling like we wasted a trip we wanted to capture the moment. They had bears, kids skating, adults falling on ice, stores full of trinkets. Enough to keep us occupied.

We got our tickets for the bear exhibit and on down the pathway we finally found some SNOW!

Granted it was man made practice snow it was still that beautimous white fluffy stuff that surrounds so many memories! I got almost too excited.

We managed to get past the snow and onto the bear exhibit. We found a cute pair cuddling up in the corner. The one kept licking the other until it grumbled and then it would hide it's head under the grumpy one. It was way too adorable.

Back inside we checked out the small arcade where we found a game I've never seen before. It was out of order but it was basically an arm wreslting tool against a scary looking man.

After all was said and done we left the mall on the mountain for our favorite little tourist town, Gatlinburg. It was all decked out in Christmas cheer and completely packed!

It was nice to see everything getting ready for this holiday season. I have a feeling this is going to be a great holiday!

On the way home we stopped at a Christmas store and brought our cameras in despite the weird looks. We got a lot of adorable pictures that I might print as Christmas cards! We grabbed dinner here and had some VERY tasty wings!

We also went through a crazy mirror maze that was a lot of fun to take pictures of. They had glow in the dark golf which the boy and I somehow managed to get the SAME score. Not even trying. What??

To make a long story short we had a fabulous time. I'm sure I'll post more pictures later!

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