Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Mirror Maze

If you've never been through a mirror maze I definitely recommend it! We have been through two so far and it takes a little getting used to. One is usually enough but the second time we had our cameras with us and ultimately spent more time getting pictures than figuring out the maze.

Even then we managed to make it to the end, turn around, and go back out the way we came with no problem. I only walked into a mirror once (yes it hurts)!

Which one is the mirror, which is the right path??

The colors were constantly changing, reds, blues, greens, multi neon colors, and sometimes going to pitch black. Spooky but so much fun to capture!

Behind loverboy there's a room lit up in purple. It was a large room that had billions of purple lights reflecting everywhere. Way too hard to capture without a tripod but freaky to walk through.

See his reflection everywhere? Sometimes we would get separated and I'd see him pop up in a mirror thinking he was close only to disappear and show up again. Really messes with the mind, only the sense of touch could be trusted.

Colors. Lots of fun funky colors!!!!

The best shot I could get of the purple dotted room.

At then end we were greeted with disco balls!

Overall, amazing experience! Would try again!

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