Wednesday, February 4, 2009

25 Things You Didn't Know About Me (And May Not Want To)

1. I'm a bandwagoner. I do things because other people like to do them. I even like the Vols a little bit. Shoot me.

2. I'm a hardcore beach fan, forever and always. If you want to make me the happiest person alive put my butt on some sand near a large salty body of water and world peace will commence.

3. I don't like NASCAR or Virginia. I apologize to those who do but it's just not my cup of tea. In two weeks I may be moving close to both these items.

4. Believe it or not, health is important to me. Sometimes I put it on the back burner and when I do I feel awful. I know what it feels like to be in great condition and my life goal is to remain healthy and fit, once we get some extra money.

5. I love dying my hair, especially rainbow colors. I want to experiment with being completely pink and blonde. Pink would be fun and blonde is the only color I haven't succeeded at yet. I tried blonde from a box last year but got pukey orange instead. If I go blonde it will have to be from a salon. Who knows? It might look fantastic (some would say it'd fit my personality better)

6. I love to dance. Let me rephrase, I love to get drunk and dance because that's when my really good moves come out. After a few rum and cokes the only person on the dance floor is me and the music. I usually leave with a clapping audience (in my mind).

7. My favorite band is The Killers. Not just because their music rocks but because of the times specific songs remind me of. Usually road trips headed East to the beach.

8. I hate beer. It's an acquired taste I've never taken the time to acquire. I used to drink Smirnoff Ice but have since graduated to Wood Chuck, go me!

9. I don't want to live in what I call "an old person home". An old person home is one of those completely brick homes that you know some grandpa or grandma is living in. No thank you.

10. I want to travel the world. I want to see everything and learn from all the different cultures.

11. The tropics have greatly influenced how I view life. I love to live life "on island time" and get back to the roots of nature. I love the conservation efforts of Costa Rica, the music of the Bahamas, and the beauty of the Caribbean. It is a place I plan to visit more than once.

12. I want to own a Golden Retriever one day, a female. I think this makes me a bad person since there are so many dogs stuck in the pound. If I make enough money I will save at least one from there as well.

13. I missed snow for a day and then Mother Nature reminded me of the cold that comes with it and I don't miss snow anymore.

14. I hate wearing high heels, they ALWAYS hurt my feet. Does this make me weird?

15. I love chocolate. Maybe too much, well no maybe about it. There could be worse things I guess.

16. I also love milk, skim milk only though. It's so tasty and better than soda. hee

17. I hate stress, a lot. I want to move to a land that has no stress.

18. I'm having a hard time thinking about things you guys would want to know about me so I'm going to use that as one answer. Ha!

19. The boyfriend and I have a song we sing together all the time, the words are weird, the beat is crazy and our singing is lacking but we enjoy it.

20. I used to wear glasses as a child and I can remember the day I rejoiced when the doctor said I no longer needed them. However, if I lose my right eye I will be considered legally blind. Eek!

21. The only pet peeve I have about the boyfriend that makes me grind my teeth is when he says "tooken" instead of taken or took. I try really hard not to correct him and fail miserably. He's a very bright man and I think that's why it irks me.

22. I miss Wegman's, a grocery store up north that I believe has the full right to monopolize the industry.

23. I'm a night owl. The perfect day begins at noon or later and ends at 2am or so. I am finding that I also enjoy daylight which is not conducive to my natural habits.

24. I have big feet. Size ten in womens. Can you believe that crap?

25. The only high end purse I ever owned was a fabulous Coach bag bought in the Bahamas. I talked the merchant down from $100 to $60. At the time I didn't realize just how expensive it was until I came home and searched it on the website. I sold it for $20 bucks at a garage sale recently.

Ok I made it, took me only about three hours. Whew.


Vern said...

Old person's home? No, you didn't!

*jimaie.marie* said...

i wear a size 11W shoe...i'd die for your size 10! LOL!!