Monday, February 2, 2009

Hey Guys

The Steelers won. And Bruce Springstein donkey punched a camera with his crotch. He's such a bad ass. Admittedly, I watched the Super Bowl for the commercials and because it seems like the American thing to do. What kind of person would I be if someone on the street asked me details of the game and I could only respond by saying "Uh, I was watching Real Chance at Love Reunion." They would strip me of my citizenship I just know it.

I did get a little excited. I rooted for the Steelers because I know of them more than the Cardinals (seriously aren't they a baseball team? They got lost big time). At the end when things got close I was clapping away like a mad fool. As if my sole support would give them the desire to win the big time.

Really, I think it was the old man owner up in the box with his coat taking on and off moves that scared the pee out of the team. His suspenders meant serious business and I wouldn't want to be the guy to say "Whoops, we lost, better luck next year!"

I think it was funny when that really big defense guy ran 100 yards to a touchdown. Did you see him suck on that oxygen? That's what I would have been like. Running for my life like I stole a baby and then collapsing because holy shit I just freaking ran! I guess he was excited because he decided to punch the crap out of some Cardinal player later in the game. Nothin' but testosterone.

As for the commercials, seriously I think the 1 second clip for Miller High Life won. That shit was whack! I did enjoy the Koala punching though not really for the punching part, that commercial had me at the dude drinking gold. I can't recall any other fantastic commercials which is pretty lame considering I originally sat down for them and ended up watching more game.

So in conclusion, you can try and avoid the Super Bowl, you can try and watch just the commercials, but once that American blood gets pumping you will watch history unfold on your 50" lcd hd tv. It's good to be the King.

Until next time....


Vern said...

go to, and look at the LMAO commercial. OMG, too funny

Erin said...

We didn't get the super fantastic commercials up here in Canada.
That is all.

Jseoung said...

lol agreed!!