Sunday, February 1, 2009

It's February

Which means in exactly 14 days we are moving into that fantastic condo. We hope. We don't even know yet! I mean, we are pretty sure but I'd like a little more reassurance than "Yeah if everything works out it's totally yours!" two weeks before move in day. I'm like, wha? Do I even begin to pack? I hate packing and if I can prolong it, I will. Then I'm told the Love may have to go out of state the week before we are supposed to move for training. Awesome, sounds like I get to pack no matter what!

You know how many times I've moved in the last two years? 4 times!!! I feel like a ball in the pinball machine, just sort of bouncing around until the handler gets tired of thwaping the button. After this move though we are stuck for 2 years, potentially.

I'm actually excited about the move even though it's not the beach. It's the smartest decision right now and will allow us to plan properly for our coastal migration. I would just like to know if this is going to work out, like yesterday.

Please, please, please!

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