Monday, February 16, 2009

My Vision is Cloudy

I try to put some thoughts together but end up failing. It seems my mind is full of scattered ideas and generalizations. The greatest way to know just how messed up your brain really is is to think about the dreams you've been having lately. There's a whole new world of messed the freak up laying just beneath the surface and it scares the crap outta me. Thank God the government hasn't created mind-reading chips yet or I'd be ball and chained then thrown off the side of a boat to forever lay at the bottom of the ocean.

With the fishies.

Oh, my friend got engaged. I still call her a friend because she's nice but..... she's eccentric. See she used to date my best friend's brother. They lived together for 5 years and she finally broke up with him when she realized he never wanted marriage or a house with a white picket fence, or any other estrogen driven dreams. So she does the bravest thing one could do and packs up her life to start a new one independently. She makes it scraping by in some small podunk town that hasn't even made it onto a map. Her ex boyfriend's best friend happens to run into her and fireworks explode or something to that effect. They date, the move in together, and 6 months later BAM he gives her a ring.

What the heck? Firstly, this guy is dating his best friend's ex girlfriend. Isn't there a rule against that? Doesn't the ex boyfriend now get to kick best friend's ass? Regardless she got the freaking ring. I didn't see it coming. ha

Which reminds me, where is my ring?? (I know the boy reads this and apparently I like it when he craps his pants.)

So congrats to them. I'm just going to sit here, sip on my milk and wonder when my day of reckoning will arrive.


The Panic Room said...

it seems like people tend to move to that next step when they are least expecting it. maybe don't tell your guy about the dreams you've been having, you might frighten him :)

good luck

Kern said...

haha true that. I feel good though because he's had some freaky dreams lately as well. Peas in a pod we are. :) Thanks for the encouragement!

Vern said...

What if you don't have any dreams you remember? I can't tell you the last time I've dreamt, except when I was on Chantrix, and then had all these wild sex dreams..hahaha