Friday, August 7, 2009

Bark in the Park

Last night I set up a table to advertise my professional services at this Bark in the Park event. Being a small town I didn't know what to think as far as attendance went. I was happily surprised at the large number that did show! I gave away almost all of my coupons, talk about a win!

Anyway, it was really neat to see so many dogs in one place. From the itty bitty to the big monsters! Animal lovers love irony too! There was a 1 pound chihuahua named Tank and a 135 pound Great Dane named Muffin. Muffin came over to lean on me for a few minutes while I rubbed her side. She came up to my hip! A gorgeous black and white dane.

They had contests and we decided to enter in my dog, Caesar. I work with him a lot as far as training goes. I've spent a lot of time getting general commands down pat so he listens to me anywhere no matter how bad the distraction so just recently we've been working on cool tricks. He does a high five which forces him to jump and slap the palm of my hand, superman flying, and we are working on spin and speak.

I entered him in the Best Trick category and went for the good High Five since we've been doing that for at least a year now. He wowed the crowd! I thought we had it for first place until the last dog, a golden retriever, let her owner set a treat on her nose and stayed until the Owner said "Get it". The golden won but Caesar got 2nd place! Cool! I also got a picture of him doing the trick on stage!

We also tried the sit and speak. I practiced with him beforehand and he only did it about fifty percent of the time. It's still new and I think it will take a little more time to get it down. Mine is a little different though because the speak is followed after I say "Don't you backtalk me, now go on!" and he barks like a freak. We got our turn on stage and he didn't do it! I took him to the back of the stage and he did it three times! Decided to try one more time in front of the audience and he didn't do it! Silly boy.

All in all a great success! Seeing that many dogs at the park last night made The Lover and I realize just how untapped the pet market is here and how successful a well run facility could be. Time to get those gears a grindin'!

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