Thursday, August 27, 2009

What To Say

Wow, what a weekend!

You know, before this previous weekend without even hitting realization I was beginning to settle. It seemed like my dream city was going to fade away in the distance. We have so many responsibilities here and really, it is just so hard to prepare for a move two years down the road.

So we started making friends. We started opening our hearts to this city we live now. We let the culture seep into our blood and started calling this place home. I was beginning to convince myself that it wouldn't be so bad if we lived here more than two years, we could somehow manage.

Then we had this trip this weekend and every drop of resistance broke away like millions of shards of glass exploding from within. The Lover and I sat in the car convincing ourselves to stay just one more night and we realized we never wanted to leave. It was so easy to pick up my camera and capture anything I could, the hunger returned. We chased sunsets just to get some amazing shots. I kept calling it home in my giddiness.

Even The Lover was excited to one day live here. For a while I was concerned that he had lost the dream to settle on this coastal town, this weekend totally rid me of those fears.

It was great to be back in a place so inspiring and beautiful. It was WONDERFUL to be by the sea, where I so deeply belong. The urge to live on the coast pulls me like the tides on water. I feel like a salmon returning home after my journey to search for a suitor, aha. I WILL live there whether it takes me two years or longer. I WILL spend the rest of my days digging my toes in the so very familiar sand and I WILL be there with him.


Kim said...

This was beautiful...especially the last few lines.

Vern said...

Sigh..beach, warm sand, salty air, wispy reeds, gulls posting their territory, crabs scurrying in the waves....

Kern said...

Thanks Kim! :)

Yeah, the beach is where it's at. For sure!