Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Oh, You

I am so neglectful. I sincerely apologize. I go to bed and think up lovely posts only to become far too busy to actually write it out, does that still count?

This week has brought a fun photoshoot, some cancellations (don't worry, they rescheduled) and lots of time editing photos. We've had a really bad storm that brought water into our lofts lobby freaking our landlord out of his gourd. I booked a wedding up in NY at my old stomping grounds for a really good friend (very excited!). We watched as traffic got heavier and heavier due to a recent big event happening soon.

We made new friends while enjoying a jam session for the blues at the local pub. We discussed closing up shop and moving to the loft to use the overhead money for equipment while renting a wall at this new emporium down the street for 1/6th the cost! I have spent every day at the gym trying to get back into shape while eating healthy (God it feels so good). We have idly watched a hurricane almost maybe ruin our plans to go to the beach. It looks like it won't hit the coast but will cause some serious waves. After my last stint with the ocean I'm ok with just enjoying it from the ankles down.

We have sat inside a bar to wonder if a celebrity is sitting inside the bus with his name written across it. Through some blackberry googling we found that sometimes he is and sometimes he isn't. If he did come into the bar it would have been my first big celebrity encounter EVER. We tried Breyer's mint chocolate chip yogurt treat only to spit it right back out. We have made it halfway through this week.

Tomorrow I am going to be on live tv promoting my business and I'm a little freaked out. What if I freeze up and suck? Wish me luck! After that I meet with a lady to discuss weddings and then a huge event downtown happens that I'm not prepared for, I doubt I get any business from it! After tomorrow we pack up for the beach! The Lover and I are having one last hurrah on the coast before winter begins to set in. It is right on the beach with some awesome stuff in walking distance, plus my favorite city in the world within driving distance! Yay! We are meeting some good friends so we expect some great times!

Thanks for listening again, so sorry I ignore you so often dear blog.


Erin W said...

Live TV! Eek! Good luck, I'm sure you'll do great!

Pretty Robotic said...

hey kern! i just found ur blog from 20sb (SE bloggers unite) and i'm glad that i found it! i live in jc, tn. i'm looking to make more blogger friends in the area! anyway, excited to read more + see your photography! good luck with the appearance! -pretty robotic