Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Long Birthdays

It sort of feels like The Lover and I will find any excuse to celebrate. I don't really blame us because after last year we deserve every drop of joy that happens to come our way. So we take it and make a big deal of it.

Today is The Lover's birthday but I think we've been celebrating all month long. Not ONE but TWO chances to hit the beach this month? It's your birthday, why not?? Wings and drinks on a Monday night? Why not? It's your birthday week!

I'm perfectly okay with it. I think it's fantastic that we can celebrate because this time last year we were totally down in the dumps. Not a dime to our name, not even a dinner celebration. Just thinking about it gets my heart heavy. Thank God we have made it through!

A very happy birthday to you, Lover. What a fantastic journey it's been.

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