Thursday, August 6, 2009

I'm Tan

It's been a while. The Lover and I are known for impromptu road trips with barely an hours notice. This weekend was one of them. We had an open invitation to visit with my extended family who I haven't seen in AT LEAST six years. It was long overdue and I really wanted to go but we didn't think it could happen. That is until 2pm Thursday afternoon when we both sort of looked at each other and said " Well....maybe if we.....then we could...."

By 5:30pm we were on the road headed to DC. The Lover has never been to DC before so it was quite nice to show him around. It's all still the same except for the World War II memorial. Even the awesomeness of being so close to our ever evolving government felt good.

After spending the day in DC we headed to Rehoboth, DE with the family. The only room left in this four bedroom rental were couches and floor space. Still it was great to have that much family in one place, even if we disagreed, ha! We got to see the beach where my sister and I both got stung by jellyfish, though she got it worse. We got to take pictures of the boardwalk, eat fresh seafood, catch up on some extensive lost time, play fun games (catchphrase to be exact), and just have a good time.

Typical to The Lover and I we rearranged the schedule so we could stay and extra day. I was so glad we did. It felt great to be welcomed with open arms, hard hugs, and sincere "Holy, I've missed you"'s.

We are being spoiled this month as we try to plan another beach trip August 22nd with my friend and her SO. Should be a lot of fun because I haven't seen her since last year!

Note to self: get a new bathing suit!!

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