Friday, September 4, 2009

Caught In The In Between

I swear I do this every year but I just don't know how to stop! In January the air is so bitter and cold it forces one to completely get OVER the season and beg for Spring to come to warm those bones.

Now that we live at a higher elevation and longitude temperatures are significantly lower on average. Talk about snow in APRIL! Ugh! Wanting so badly just to spread my wings and escape from hibernation I scream for the snow and cold to leave! Then the first buds of the season pop up and my love affair with all things spring and summer is renewed.

It went so fast this year, as it usually does. Learning a new area makes the days pass faster and now that we're feeling settled somewhat the weather is changing again. In those summer months where I am fully aware of the time limitation I wish for never ending sunny days, warm temperatures, and fantastic red fire nights. Summer needs to be ever longer so I may fit in that extra trip to the beach, that last chance to eat on a fantastic outside porch with live music and a fantastically summer palate. One more day and month to hit the pool and turn golden brown. One more chance to soak up all the joy that comes with summer. I beg for the turtle's pace.

Then within the blink of an eye the seasons change. I can recall almost to the hour when summer waved goodbye and the beginnings of fall made it's entry. The leaves have started to mimic the sun in their fantastic hues and the bugs are all out in the cool quiet air to catch that last drop of life before the cold decides to stick around for a while.

There is a quiet energy in the air as the expectation for the upcoming holidays grows. The family get togethers, the planning, the decorating. The food! Some especially good photo opportunities! That is when in my heart the forgiveness comes. Summer may leave and I'll forgive it. Fall may come and I'll welcome it. A gentle hand pushing us into the cold depths of winter. So for now, I'll enjoy it and let the festive nature take hold but when winter comes oh, I will complain, I will complain bitterly. The begging will return until I can feel my fingers again.

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