Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Takes Me Back

So I sit here in a quiet studio because I haven't hooked up the stereo system yet and I listen to the record store just two shops down from here. They play music on the sidewalk everyday, I think that's awesome. Sometimes they play really freaky shit, sometimes they play awesome shit.

Today they are playing some music that brings me back. Waaaaaaaaaay back. Back to the days where I sat in the back seat of the white grand am with my rainbow sweater. Back to the days where I was so little that I couldn't see over the car side and out the window so my world consisted of the cars insides, that navy blue cloth interior. And even back to the days where my dad played his music loud and we all sang along. "Girl, I will be your preacher, teacher"

It takes me back to the days where the winters were cold and harsh, filled with lots of snow. Even further to shopping at the mall and Christmas lights on the lake. To canceled school days due to temperature and NOT the amount of actual snow. To the neighbor's pool and how I learned to swim by being dragged to the bottom and being forced to either accept it or panic and die. (haha) "Til the end of time" BURNOWWWWW BURNOW BURNOOOOOOWWWW

I remember those days! "Don't let the sun go down on me!"

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