Wednesday, September 30, 2009

A Few Brain Zaps

1. I want to write about fall, again, and how awesomely awesome this season is. I juat have so much more to say about it, to remind the world of how amazing this period is!

2. Tomorrow is the beginning of my birthday month. Next month I turn 25. That is a post in itself!

3. It is damn cold here. It feels like we skipped fall and went right to winter. Our neighbors just got back from Charleston where it was 90 degrees. My what a rude awakening for them. And what a rude awakening for us when we decide to move there and fall decides to never show up!

4. I'm so bored on the slow Wednesday. Freaky, I haven't had a day like this in a long time. I'll allow it as long as it doesn't stick around.

5. The cold weather makes me yearn for a warm caramel latte from the coffee shop down the street. Yum!

6. I need some new candles. The ones I've got in the studio are almost gone. They've only lasted a couple weeks! Yikes!

7. I have three more hours to endure. UGH! I hope either something sells or it gets so slow I can close up early so I can snuggle under a warm blanket!

8. I'm hungry but I'm here all alone. I might close up for some food!

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