Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Hi Bloggyfiends!

I have about 30 seconds to drop by and write a quick post! I won't forget about this place!

This week has been hectic. I don't know why it just now hit us that maybe we should do something epically awesome for this festival but it did and now we are running around with wedgies trying to get everything done! Someone down the street told us that this weekend brings them more business than even the holidays! HOLY

So I am hard at work getting this ordered, designing that, setting up this nook, facebooking new artists in shop, blahlahblah when THE POWER GOES OUT. And my internet is like "No, fuck you!" So I just went next door and gabbed for a bit. Love it!

Ok and then tonight we are running to the store to grab eighty million things and did I tell you we are selling Rc cola and moonpies? Well now we have a handy dandy mini fridge with glass door and freaking blue led lights. BLUE. LED. LIGHTS! Holy perfect yes indeed!

I am so busy I forget to eat until I wonder why I've just bitten off the head of The Lover and scared away the dog and realize oh it's because I'm ravenous. Staying up til 9:30 in the shop getting everything organized is no small feat for me! Comes with the territory!

And oh did we get some awesome things in from artists this week! There is still more to come but what we have gotten is so totally fantastic it makes me giggle with delight. Ok maybe not really but yes really. I just blew your mind.

Ok folks that is it for now. Probably for the weekend so I hope you all enjoy yourself and think of me getting trampled by 40,000 music hungry fans. I hope we knock her out of the park!

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Vern said...

Pretty exciting stuff!!! Hope you have a ball at the festival!!!