Tuesday, September 29, 2009

My Cat, Toby

Farmer's Market
Originally uploaded by Fuzzphotoz
I have a cat that lives in another state. This cat has picked me up when days were down. He adds humor to the everyday and gives the lovin' freely. He had to stay when I moved out of state. We were moving into an apartment and he is an outside kind of guy. If he stays inside too long he becomes quite mischievous. New to the area I didn't want to risk it though I made promises to come for him later.

Later still hasn't come and probably won't. I am in a new town in a loft downtown not conducive to happy cat living. That and The Lover is allergic to feline dander.

This past weekend we visited him as well as my mother, stepfather, and other friendly creatures. More surprisingly The Lover took this photograph of my cat which is now a favorite. In that quick snapshot The Lover has embodied the whole of my little kitty, Toby.


Erin W said...

He's beautiful! My Thunder Kitty was an outdoorsy kind of guy before we moved to the city. I felt badly about it at first, but now he gets scared outside by himself and he finds many a way to entertain himself indoors.

Kern said...

haha Awesome. Problem is he can't come inside now because The Lover is allergic and I would worry constantly about him out in the streets!