Sunday, September 27, 2009

My Family Misses Me

I got a text the other day from my sister that read "Are you alive?"

I must say it feels so good to be so busy that I can't keep track of myself. I remember the days spent when this blog was started about a year ago. Long slow passing hours filled with lots of unknowns and questions. Endless days blurring into one entirely too long period of what the heck do we do now?? And waiting, oh the waiting. Waiting for anything! Just something to swing the tide back around. The awful, endless waiting.

Now I don't have to wait. It flies by so fast I barely blink. I'm left saying "Wait---!" before it's gone leaving just a glimpse of a memory to be deposited into the bank. Too much too fast.

I can handle the upswing. I welcome it with widespread arms. It can stick around as long as it likes!

But it makes me absent it some other things. Like regular text messages with the sister, daily entries on the blog, times to whine about boredom. Ha! I've noticed I've lost yet another reader. I sympathize for their lack of loyalty. But if I don't even know who I lost then I guess their commitment wasn't that important.

I've been regularly posting on my picture blog! That seems to be easier for me as I always have my phone on me and since I'm already clicking fake photos away in my mind I figured I should click them for real. Check it out if you get a chance, fun will be had.

I'll be around but who knows how often...

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