Monday, September 14, 2009

Sup G's?

Waaaaaaaaait, it's been a while. ha!

So there is so much going on around me this week in this little town. We are having a huge festival this weekend that will bring in upwards to 40,000 people within a three block radius. The storefront is right smack dab in the middle of it all so I've been trying to coordinate everything. It is quite the whirlwind!

I think it will be ready. We're selling freaking MoonPies and RC Cola. That's right. We've reached that level of awesome. I have a feeling we will sell out. It's a southern thing. HA! (P.S. I've never had a MoonPie in my life. I plan on it this weekend!)

Anywhichaway. Anyone watch the VMA's last night? It's my guilty pleasure. Here's my recap; Go Janet Jackson, shut up Madonna (you scare me), douchebag Kanye, cute Taylor Swift, WTF Lady Gaga, Beyonce I have always loved you, thanks for not letting me down, sweet show Pink, OMG NEW MOON DROOLING COMMENCE, again WTF Lady Gaga, Beyonce, girl, you can dance! Serena Williams is a class act, Alicia Keys your hair is pretty, Seriously Lady Gaga WTF, Taylor Lautner looked pretty damn fine, Russell Brand I don't want to hear about your penis anymore, what did Jay-Z just say?

AAAAAAAAaaand scene!

The three of us, The Lover, Caesar, and I all went to the park on Sunday to enjoy the end of summer. It was fantastic and my dog completely surprised me again. They have this little creek with picnic tables all around and grills fired up for dinner so we decided to sit by it. The water is no deeper than one's ankle. Caesar LOVED the water. He went jumping in time after time chasing after crapples! It was hilarious! It was great!

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Vern said...

Awwww..that pic is TOO cute!!!