Friday, May 29, 2009

Cheesy Yet True

You know those timeless cliches that are so perfectly wrapped in pink bubble wrap with sparkling ribbons that often make you want to vomit? I think a lot of the time we instantly gag is because a big idea is often shoved into some over processed phrase just so your always chirpy and yet slightly annoying friend can spoon feed you the world's version of idealism. Sometimes we puke in our mouths a little bit when we hear them because they're often true even if they make mountains look like molehills. So, my dear friends, here is my chirpy yet annoying slop of the truth, taken from here;

1- Just Do It
Erase the word "try" from your vocab. Instead make a commit to work hard.

2- What's you motivation
Why do you want what you want; this will bring perseverance.

3- Count the cost
What sacrifices and what resources will you need to get what you want?

4- Support group
Create a environment for success: mentors, cheerleaders and inspiration.

5- Get a vision
Dreams can take your goals to infinity and beyond; shoot for the stars.

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