Thursday, May 21, 2009

The Story of A Desk

The Lover needed a bigger desk to accommodate his home office workload but chose not to go the conventional way, as he typically never does. This man loves to keep busy on one project or another and this time his beloved work area was next to catch his attention.

Living in a loft sort of allows the not so typical and accidentally trendy to make its way into your living space. So instead of buying a desk at Office Max he went to Home Depot to see what kind of fun toys he could mix together in the form of a functional, big desk.

We were there 3 hours devising a plan. I'm all too ready to leave and he's just getting started as we wander, measuring here and there, calculating in our head, and bugging poor salespeople.

Eventually he comes up with a plan. We will buy a door as the desk top and use steel piping as the legs. I'll tell you I never knew what a flange was before yesterday, now I'm dreaming of them. He takes his creative brain one step farther and builds a bookshelf out of pipe parts and a raised shelf for other items.

It looks great but I'm hungry and it's preventing me from going out to eat.


The Panic Room said...

how can you post this with no picture. honestly :)

Vern said...

Her stomach had

Erin said...

Would love to see a picture!!