Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Rain, Rain Go Away

It's been nothing but rain since we got back from Williamsburg. This is total lame ass! I don't even want to walk to the gym because it is down pouring and the stupid place is 3 city blocks away so by the time I arrive I'm drenched. Ew anyone?

Somehow, miraculously, I'm still losing weight. Even though I had that pizza over the weekend (excuse me, we were craving some serious carbs). Honestly, we've been eating a lot better than we have before and I'm certain that helps but I have the metabolism of a dead person, something is up. The fact that I am not working just means I'm burning even less calories which in turn means I need to take in far less to lose weight. My body is very good at gaining, it gets an A++ in that department but when it comes to actually getting rid of what I don't need, forget it, this bitch is a sentimental whore.

I think I know what it is that's helping me melt the chub away even though I ate like a stupid head that night and haven't really moved (unless from the bed to the recliner counts). The last time I was on a super health kick I read all the benefits of green tea. This little plant is a weight burning mean green machine! The problem was I hated (still do) tea. It is the nastiest tasting butt one could pour into their mouth, it's gross. I tried though because the benefits were just too great to ignore. I tried regular, I tried different brands, different temperatures, hell I even tried carbonated to see if I could trick myself into loving it. Nope, nada, it still tasted like raw butthole no matter how you sliced it. I gave up and lost it the hard way which is a way I enjoy and the reason I still have a gym membership but without the personal trainer this time. I just did without.

Until good ol Google taught me something new. They actually make freaking pills full of this wonderful stuff! I felt retarded for not thinking of it sooner but immediately ran to the store to make up for it. I really think this is the reason I am still losing weight. My metabolism is now slightly higher than dead and I am so ok with that. If you want to lose some extra poundage check out Green Tea Extract, it is so amazing!

Happy Cinco de Mayo!


Shannon Patterson said...

I wish I was magically losing weight. Unfortunately, I am not. Somehow I don't think my Wii Fit is giving me a rigorous enough workout. I do love green tea, and though it's not quite enough to overcome my special level of guttony, I know I do burn more calories when I drink a few cups of the stuff a day.
The green tea extract sounds like a wonderful alternative.

Vern said...

Damn, if you have the metabolism of a dead person, what am I at? Roadkill? haha.
They also say that Hoodia taken about 30 min before eating, curbs your desire to gobble everything on your plate, and then your man friends, and then his friends plates. Just a thought.