Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Hello Lovelies!

What a long time since I've last seen you! I hate to be so neglectful. It seems when I am out living I tend to forget my little online world. I need to remember writing is good for the soul. That's the whole reason I started this thing.

It seems my life has a running theme that starts with an S and ends in pontaneity. On Friday we decided to head to Knoxville to see The Lover's family. We stayed until yesterday evening which wasn't the original plan either. Somehow we managed to see all of his family numerous times but it was fun. We spent the night at his grandparent's place and on the hottest weekend of the year their air conditioning broke down. It was rough to say the least. The first night we melted into the sheets until I decided to open the window and shove the fan in it. We had to close it during the day because his grandmother didn't want to "look like she was in the south". Whatever that means.

I don't know about everyone else but when it's hot I don't care what my windows look like as long as I'm cool. We respected her wishes, however, because it really seemed as if the heat wasn't bothering them as much as it was us. We just spent a lot of time outside to dry off the sweat.

So the weekend was good, albeit hot. I'm back at home busting butt on this project that I can't wait to go into more detail about. It's getting close now and I'm tying up the rest of the loose ends. I am too excited about it.

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