Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Life; The Rollercoaster

I'll tell you something, life is damn funny sometimes. Just when you think you've reached the top something comes along and pushes you higher. Did you think for a second this would be a whiny post? ha!

I have been so busy lately. I can hardly sleep a wink with all the ideas buzzing through my head. I have a big deadline to meet on a lifelong project and it's making my eyes bug out. I'm totally okay with it though.

I plan to share the details as things become more permanent but right now there is so much in the air that my superstitious self is afraid to peep before the egg is hatched. My goal is to continue to work hard and make sense of this whirlwind.

Basically, what I wanted to say is, I miss you blog!!


Erin said...

We miss you back!

Shannon Patterson said...

This sounds very exciting!

Kern said...


It is, keep your fingers crossed for me! :)