Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Sweet 16

You know what I did for my Sweet 16? Absolutely nothing. I didn't even have a party because I was "grounded" at the time. It was a "scornful" time and I was bummed. I had hoped to have one huge ridiculous blow out before adulthood set in and I had to say "don't get me any gifts, no thank you, save your money, blahblahblah". Luckily, when I hit so called adulthood I learned birthdays can be just as much fun even if you don't get eleventy-billion gifts like you did as a kid.

I was in Toys-R-Us the other day and looked at the prices of some of the toys. The store is nothing like I remember from childhood. I don't know if I was just too small or if it really was big but I can recall stepping into the girly pink section and seeing walls go all the way to the ceiling with aisles and aisles full of fun Barbie stuff. It was heaven. Today you see a half wall full of tossed around junk, a small closet full of haphazardly placed toys. Anyway, back to the prices, I used to think we got so many gifts as children because of the price. As age increases so does the price for the good stuff. This doesn't seem to be the case, there toys were ridiculous! Ten dollars for a miniature crappy Batman? Are you kidding me?? Thirty dollars for a light up police helmet?? What?? This is downright theft!!

But I digress. A thirty dollar light up helmet is still cheaper than that iPod, or laptop, or tv, or clothing item, or get the idea. Money in and money out, just numbers in the bank account.

My sister celebrates her 16th birthday tomorrow. When asked what she wanted to do for it she said "Nothin'". In desperation my father asked me if I knew what she wanted to do because she had already reached that point in adulthood "No thank you, save your money, I don't want anything, just stir fry for dinner." After getting my curiosity piqued I had a text by phone conversation with the sis to see what she really wanted to do. It seemed she had a plan afterall, to avoid high school drama at all costs. "If I don't invite everyone there will be drama, if I invite everyone there will be drama!" I don't blame her for wanting to opt out on a big party full of Queens when there really should only be one on HER birthday.

Regardless I think they came to an understanding. She's getting packages mailed out to her by various family as well as cards fat with the green stuff. She will get her stir fry and yellow cake with white frosting as well as some gifts from the immediate family and on Saturday she will take her test for her Driver's Permit and hit the road (lets hope not literally, unless she trips, which happens a lot). Tomorrow she will be one year closer to her 21st extravaganza when the adulthood steps outside for a second so the child can let loose with the liquid courage. Oh yes, I will be there even if I will be cough30cough by that time.

A big happy birthday to the best sis in the universe.

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Vern said...

That's really sweet, kid!