Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Baby Makers

Ok, I'll admit, I read a lot of blogs. There is a constant wide variety of opinions, thoughts, ideas spreading through my Google Reader daily and lately I've noticed a theme. Women want to make babies, like right now, right this very INSTANT. They all start out saying they should wait and actually PREFER to wait and then the next day they touched a baby, or saw one in a shopping cart, or found out someone they know is pregnant and BAM now they want one.

Me? I like giving them back. Go ahead and keep the noises, the excess amount of liquids dripping out, the crying, the lack of sleep, the stretch marks. You keep it. I like to think I am immune to this bug.

Granted over the summer after an incident things changed. It was such a strong shift that I felt the magnetic field in the Earth flip. Before babies were ick. I always told my mother I'd own more animals than ....babies!! Now, I'm like "meh if it happens that's cool but not til I'm 37 k?" I still feel like I have A LOT of growing up to do before I can shape an empty slate. If I had a little baby right now it would learn that black olives are an okay choice for dinner, sleeping in is one of the best things in life that should NEVER be taken for granted, your pet may also be a pawn for your experiements, and going where the wind blows is a perfectly acceptable reason for doing ANYTHING.

My own dog would report me to child services SOMEHOW. Plus, I wasn't kidding about the sleeping in part, the baby would have to learn that a sleepy mommy is not a mommy.

I guess I'm just not girly enough for the baby bug yet. I still have a lot of selfish things to do, still have a lot of growing to do. I mean, heck, it wasn't until just RECENTLY that the silly wedding bug got a hold of me. Granted, I think I'm doing pretty good with it. I don't have any strong urges to tell The Lover to get me hitched. I don't spend HOURS looking through wedding crap. I don't leave little hints on what kind of ring I WANT on a daily basis(keywod: daily). I don't hum Beyonce's PUT A RING ON IT arpund The Lover. Heck, I didn't even know what fondant was until a week ago! So even though I'm thinking about it more NOW than ever before we are still in the clear of bridezilla in the making.

So maybe one day I'll drop off the baby making cliff but for now I'll just sit back and read about this EPIDEMIC sweeping the nation of quarter life ladies like myself. I'll maybe giggle too.

~Remember to double bag it! (How APPROPRIATE is this?)


Shannon Patterson said...

I'm with you on the not wanting a baby thing. My buddy just had a kid, and on his birthday he said it was cool cause it wasn't about him anymore. But I kinda like things being all about me.

I think that's a sign I'm not yet at that stage, which is totally cool with me.

Kern said...

haha Exactly. I'm not afraid to admit I'm selfish and I like it.

cybeel said...

i thought i was the only female on earth who didn't wanna have babies
i'm not aloneee heyyoooo