Sunday, April 5, 2009

Woe Is Me

So The Lover has left. Gone, away, taking with it my car. My world is smaller, lonelier for the next week. I hate goodbyes, they are taxing on the spirit. So for the next week I'll be confined to the walls of this city (could be a lot worse) as the lone rider, except for maybe the dog.

Speaking of the dog, he's once again done his poop-in-the-kennel-so-I'll-eat-it-only-to-throw-it-back-up-and-maybe-roll-in-it-too-just-for-good-measure thing again... I get so entirely frustrated with him when he does it though it's been pretty infrequent since we moved here, I think standing outside with him leashed is helping.

It was my fault though, we were out unexpectedly all day and when we came back in for our last potty he ran right to his food bowl, having not eaten too much I put another handful down against the will of The Lover (he's always right). So he pooped, then ate it, then puked it up and made sure it got stuck in his butt feathers. He's confined to his kennel whining because he's been puking ALL day.

Honestly, I love this dog, he is so intelligent, friendly, attentive, cute, etc but when he pulls this crap I want to pull my hair out. He's the only dog I've ever had that's done this crap since the day he was born. I don't get it and I thought I GOT animals. blah.

So now The Lover is traveling and I get the joy of cleaning a poopy puke stain every hour. It's too bad because it is absolutely BEAUTIFUL outside today....


Maggie May said...

butt feathers!

i'm sorry your dog is doing that. have you heard of the Dog Whisperer? i read a book of his that was really good (we have two dogs) i recommend it.

Kern said...

Yes, I love the Dog Whisperer and agree with his message. Still, I'm not sure if this is a behavioral issue or what but as soon as we get some extra cash I'm taking him to the vet to see what's up.

Erin said...

My dog I love, but he keeps eating our comforters. He's ruined three, and I'm currently working on sewing a tear in the current one (made accidentally by his nail, but which he used to pull out a bunch of the batting. Oy.)