Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Today has been an upper as opposed to the downers the past two days when it decided to freaking SNOW

1. My hair looks fabulous today. Amazing what a little effort does eh?

2. It's nice outside albeit windy.

3. Apparently guys like my hair, THREE guys on the way to the Post Office noticed/flirted/whatever you call it. Any other day I blend in with the brick walls.

4. My bro complimented my photography, typically with him compliments aren't given out lightly.

5. I get to see The Lover in 2 days! Sadly, I have to sleep through TWO nights before that happens.

6. The dog didn't mess in his kennel last night, yeah!

7. Got a check I've been needing! Woo!

Things are improving. Something weird happened this morning. I woke up to go potty and noticed the time, thinking I still had another hour to sleep I began to doze off when suddenly something yelled "Hey!" behind me. It was a male voice but none I've ever heard before and it was loud as if they were RIGHT behind me. Anyway, it snapped me awake and made me think maybe it was time to get up. Weird.

~Remember to double bag it....

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