Tuesday, April 14, 2009


The Lover decided to surprise me by taking me to my mothers place for Easter. This was far too nice of him since he had just been out of town for a week and on the day he drove home he picked me up to drive another 4 hours to my home. Such a selfless sweet thing to do and I was so appreciative of it.

We had a great time, I hadn't seen any of my family since July and that was a really rough period as it was. It still breaks my heart to think about the cancellation I had to make to visit family during Christmas so it was nice to see some of my own blood again.

I got to catch up with my mother and grandparents. We went out looking for flowers and herbs one day and it got me really excited about gardening which is a new thing for me. I tend to kill plants but I'm hoping with The Lover's help I can get SOMETHING besides Bamboo to grow. We purchased a beautiful tall orchid that we hope will stay alive. The Lover has good luck with orchids so I'm hopeful.

We managed to eat, a lot! My stepfather is a chef and I think I ate more that weekend than I did the entire week! It was all delicious.

The Lover and I were also reminded of the horrid allergies in that region. It managed to knock us both down for at least a day. I'm still not fully recovered and I hate these days that go wasted because I can't move. I guess that's another plus for this mountain air.

So that was my Easter weekend. It was fantastic.


The Unappreciated said...

It's nice to hear a woman appreciate something like that instead of bitching about not respecting her space. I can hear it now if I had done something like that.

Kern said...

Sounds like you're with the wrong person. :P