Sunday, April 19, 2009

A Few Updates

A few good reasons to find the day delightful, practice makes perfect right?

-Though yesterday was a big fat FAIL on the gym notion today was much better. It feels good to be back in that environment again.

-I ate brussel sprouts for dinner and didn't spit them back out though I couldn't help the squishy nose face. Things that smell like fart often taste like fart unless you douse them in lemon juice and pepper.

-We have a retarded fish. My sister and I were talking the other day about the new batch we added to our tank and she mentioned the Retarded One that always seems to pop up in fish tanks. This one is a shiny Pictus Catfish that just LOVES swimming circles around the suction cups to the heater almost as much as bumping full speed into the glass or following the magnetic algae cleaner in hopes of getting squished. He's special.

-No more room for the weekly bouquets! We have acquired so many plants I can't justify buying flower arrangements! The Lover has tried convincing me to put a vase in the bathroom so we can literally smell the flowers as we fertilize but I'm not quite there yet. We have this HUGE beautiful Birds of Paradise that is such an attention demanding centerpiece. Love it!

-I bought the Twilight book to see what all the hype is though I've neglected it thus far. My sister insists it's fantastic and I'll trust her judgment since she was a fan long before people even knew who Edward Cullen was.

-My allergies have been a blessing in disguise of sorts. Having gone from fantastic mountain air filling my lungs to feeling my sinuses close up while sneezing my life away has led me to invest in some allergy medicine. For some reason this medicine knocks me on my back around ten pm so I get a full nights sleep instead of the usual bed by 2am up at noon routine, yuck.

-The Lover's first paycheck! What a relief! Seriously, I nearly cried when it hit his account. We were worried for so long if moving was a wise choice and now we can settle in the little more comfortably instead of feeling like bandits ready to jump at any movement. Now, time to save up that nest egg.

-Memory foam. Thank goodness for technology. The painful spring bed has turned into a tolerable and almost comfortable cocoon. This will do until we save up enough for a mattress then we can transfer the pillow top to the guest bed because that is equally as painful.

Good things to be grateful for. Still some worries up ahead but we're looking to sail through them. Looking good so far....


Maggie May said...

memory foam! i want that.

Vern said...

" smells like fart..." Classic Kern! lol

Muppet Soul said...

1. I want to hear what you think about the Twilight books... I'm beginning to think I'm in the vast, vast minority of people who think they're terrible.

2. My allergies have been WAY awful... And Benadryl has that affect on me - I can, in no way, take one Benadryl ( nevermind the recommended dose of two) without an hour later, completely lodging myself into a coma no matter where I am. I could be on a toilet, and I will fall asleep for 8 hours. Thank G-d I don't take them often and that I don't live alone.

((PS - THANK YOU for the comment on the last post... Seriously, effing rock star. So far all the notes I've read have far exceeded my expectations of concern... And since she's an inch away from certainty, I'm thinking this will SO help... Being an impartial jury.. THANK YOU))