Thursday, April 9, 2009

Park Update!

Due to the gorgeous weather outside Caesar and I were able to hit the park today. We didn't stay long because some old man decided to let his lhasa-that-doesn't-listen-well-but-is-off-leash-anyways run around and harass my pooch. Caesar loved it, however, and I could almost see his thoughts running back to a time when he went to play with lots of little dogs everyday. Hopefully a puppy will fix his desire (hehe).

Anyway, I took a quick glance at the waterway and all seems the same. No eggs still so I'm beginning to lose hope in having the opportunity to photograph some cute little chicks. Broken was there but I didn't see Hobble though it would be hard to discern if he was in the water since it's his leg that's deformed and not wing like Broken.

The Beasts still reside at this little hole in the city. The Lover and I were beginning to think they had left since their attempt to breed failed so miserably. They didn't seem to bother anybody today.

Someone clipped the willow trees branches back so they no longer cascade into the water which is a pity. The trees that line the walkway look like they've browned from the unusual freeze a few days back but on closer inspection they're really just millions of helicopter seeds getting ready to annoy the heck out of everyone and everything.

Oh, and the giant helicopter is still there....

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