Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Funny Gym Creatures

So The Lover and I have been making semi-regular trips to the gym since we signed up on Sunday. It's actually the local Y which happens to be in walking distance so I have no excuse when The Lover has the car. It is also contract free, I just send a letter when our time is up to cancel the membership, I REALLY like this feature.

Anyway we went to the gym today to work on our fitness and then cool off in the pool. As we were busting out some moves on the elliptical we got a good chance to people watch strangers in the parking lot. I saw quite a few questionable characters. Like one group, for instance, had a bottle of soda in each of their chubby hands. Normally I don't care but they were entering the Y, a place of health and not really a good location to bring soda.

The next lady came in after getting a quick smoke in. Seriously? Isn't that really bad for you? To smoke and then get your heart rate up? I can't imagine trying to do cardio with little smoke clouds trying to escape. Nasty!

Otherwise we had a great time. It felt great getting back into that familiar motion and spending some cool down time in the pool. Now to keep that forward motion going....forward.

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