Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Birth Control

Oh let me tell you a little secret! If you are dripping from sweat in the mornings because you just experienced ANOTHER dream full of babies and it sort of made you happy but you KNOW you are crazy because now is NOT the right time just relax for I have found the solution.

The thing that will prevent you from crying while watching 16 and Pregnant because while yes they ARE too young to be parents and yes they show pregnancy in the NOT so glamorous light and even portray the AWFUL painful labor you just can't help but weep a little (ok a lot) when that itty bitty baby pops right out, the thing that will turn you dry and reverse that natural clock is..........

spending the weekend with three toddlers! Energetic toddlers! Energetic, whiny toddlers! Especially if you aren't used to kids this is the PERFECT thing to put yourself in. Jump right into the middle of the pack and just TRY to get them to listen to your demands. By the end of it your uterus will be apologizing to you and asking if you'd like it to remove your very own eggs forever!

It was fun to see them have fun and sort of act like a kid again but it was tiring! It made me realize I am not so ready for that juuuuuuuuust yet which makes me happy as a clam because I was seriously over crying at cute baby pudgy-ness. HAH! I win! (for now)


Maggie May said...

ha! or volunteer as a preschool teacher. i teach, and some days it makes me wonder if i really want more!
not really:)

Kim said...

I need to try this then, because I've been having a rash of baby dreams.

Vern said...

It's different with your own kids. You earn not only mommy-hood, but you earn a friend for life. Right, kid? :-D