Thursday, July 16, 2009

What A Difference A Week Makes

Wow! This week has been nothing short of fantastic! Things are rolling really well for the business. I might get to be on tv plugging it too! How cool is that my friends?

I feel like Cloud Nine has returned. My goal is to remember these days when the gray clouds come rolling in. Because they will, that's life!

Pandora has been a life saver lately. I need the music to keep me moving throughout the day and having this handy dandy online free radio with maybe one commercial every 5 hours is great!

The Lover is still so darn sick. I think he got it worse than me. He tried to go to Walgreen's for some meds and they wouldn't accept his driver's license so he had to talk to the pharmacist. I mean he looks and sounds like crap, like a sick person not a meth head. The pharmacist may be a liar, I don't know yet, but they recommended Claritin D for his cold. I was like WHAT? My logic was for him to buy Dayquil since the NyQuil was working so well for him. I also thought it takes about 24 hours for Claritin to even get into your system. I guess I am wrong!

That's all for now. Hope everyone else is having a good week too!

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